Patients Reviews

Dr. Reza, Cheyenne, MA, Na'Tosha, PA, & Justin Bell, Operations, all made me feel so welcomed and greeted me with joy and kindness. Cheyenne is so sweet and does a marvelous job in helping make appointments, taking my concerns seriously, and preparing me for the physician. Dr. Reza is incredible. I've never met a doctor like him. He is so kind, very caring, gives great hugs, and jumped right on my health problems and issues. This guy listens carefully and goes into action immediately to help his patients. I completely trust Dr. Reza and his staff with my healthcare and they really care a lot! They're now my new family. I highly recommend you make an appointment to see these people immediately!

Dr. Kai K. | Mar 21, 2023
Upon my first visit, DR. Reza made me feel so welcomed and like family, he listened to me and gave me lots of information, and gave me a tour of his facility, I was amazed I have never felt so welcomed by anyone he is very kind and very caring and its authentic I don't want any other doctor I want to be a patient for life!!!! thank you, DR. Reza!!!!

Dante W. | Feb 16, 2023